JPH Loft Conversions

Our architects plan all loft conversions for you. From start to finish you loft conversion is managed by our expert team of craftsmen. In 6 to 8 weeks you could be living in your luxury loft conversion, living space, en-suite bedroom, office. Call JPH Loft Conversions today, and start planning your loft conversion.

We know what its like having the builders onsite and around your home. That's why we take special care during your loft conversion to keep the mess and disturbance to a minimum.

The first stage in a loft conversion is usually construction of a staircase up to the loft. Stairs are governed by building regulations so general architectural details are provided in the building/floor plans. Staircase are either individually constructed 'on site' for tight and awkward spaces to ensure they fit precisely and are soundly constructed, or pre-manufactured where prices are considerably lower.