Rooftop Rooms

At RoofTopRooms, we have over 15 years of experience in the field of carpentry, joinery and project management of attic conversions. We are based in Enfield, North London and are likely to have designed and constructed many of the successful loft conversions completed in your area. Loft conversions are the greener, cost effective, way of enhancing and expanding your existing space. Conversions increase the property value of a home by an average of over £20,000.

You also gain the option to add additional income by renting out your additional new space. The property market is such in London that it's easier to add on to an existing home than to move locations. Moves are hectic, often involving changing schools, altering commutes, and incurring a stamp duty. Then there are solicitor and moving fees, and the inevitable myriad of paperwork. We'd like to offer a simpler solution.