Touchstone Lofts

Loft spaces exist on your house to support the roof pitch. If you did not have a pitched roof and had a flat roof, you would not have space over your ceiling. Over the years as property prices have increased and lifestyles have changed, we now require more room in our homes. Moving home to add bedrooms is very expensive. That's where some bright spark came up with converting this un-used space for wonderful living accommodation. Most lofts can be converted. The only usual requirement for loft conversions is head height. There is no real minimum but around 1.5m is essential so we can explore all avenues. An experienced consultant from Touchtone can provide a free quotation and discuss what can be achieved in your wasted space. The most surprising observation will be the location of the new stairs, you will be amazed at how we can normally add these without and loss of useable space in your existing home.